Do you have a product development project that is in need of a tune up to get it running smoothly? Try out our Checklist for assessing your need for a project tune up by clicking >>>> Tune Up Checklist.

Do you need to assess a product in development for status or to perform due diligence on it?

Do you have a product development project that is in need of a good project plan,
a good specification or quality staffing?

If the answer any of these questions is yes, then I can  help you. I specialize in troubleshooting and fixing such project challenges.

I have 35 years consulting experience in project management and product development engineering.

My experience enables me to easily solve both technical and project management challenges. I also have reviewed the current status of a large number of systems development approaches or electronic designs.

High Tech Project Solution Services

o Project Level

  • Help with a new High Tech project plan or staffing
  • Troubleshooting High Tech Projects that aren't working well
  • Conducting system and Product Level Engineering Reviews, including due diligence

o Circuit Level

  • Producing design Reviews of Electronic-Based Designs
  • Troubleshooting Critical Problems in Electronic/Electromechanical Circuits
  • Analyzing Electronic Circuits for functionality and manufacturability via Spice Simulation
  • Reviewing System Level FPGA Design Structure for efficacy

o Expert Witness

  • Generating White Paper Reviews on Electronic Products or Components

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Angotti Product Development
Project Management, Systems and Circuit Design Services for Electronic Product Development

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